No matter how long you’ve played or how good you are at golf, putting will almost always be 40% or more of your score! Shouldn’t the most used club in the bag get the attention it deserve. We have the experience and know – how to properly fit you.There are many putter specifications that can make you a better putter. Among some of the specs we fit are the following:

Length ~ Lie ~ Clubhead Design ~ Weight ~ Offset ~ Balance of Face ~ Loft ~ Shaft Material

We use telescoping fitting putters that also adjust for lie angle, lasers to help with aiming and the PING Putter Fitting App which measures gives us the tempo, face closure, shaft lean and face angle. With this information we can the create the putter that best suits your style..

A putter fitting takes about an hour and costs $60.00.
Half the fitting fee may be applied toward purchases of $149.00 0r more