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after school clinics and summer camps


 Weekly After School Clinics
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
3:30pm- 5:00pm $20.00pp.
Please call 843 650 2272 to reserve space.
 Starts 1st Tuesday after Labor Day. Ends last Thursday in May.
 Reservations required.


 2020 Summer Junior Golf Camps
(Afternoons 2pm-5pm)

        2020 Summer Junior Players School                
Tues 9am-12n, Wed 2pm-5pm, Thu 9am-12n

This is our basic junior  program covering all
aspects of the game. Geared mostly toward 
novices and intermediate players who have not 
spent much time on the golf course.

Monday - Friday 2pm - 5pm
Boys and Girls ages 6 -16

$149.00 per week (Mon-Fri)
3 days (Mon-Wed or Wed-Fri)

In addition to golf, there are many non - golf
activities and games designed to develop
your child's athletic abilty. We encourage
youngsters to play other sports and be
cross - trained as recommended by the
American Developmet Model (ADM)

Play golf on Wednesdays

Players are grouped by age if there are enough
in the class to do so. 6:1 student teacher ratio

This program is designed
for the more experienced junior players ages 
13-18 looking to take his or her game to
a competitive level. (Consideration given
to younger players.)

Tuesday 9am-12pm, Wed 2pm-5pm (On Course)
Thursday 9am-12pm
Day 1: Full swing video analysis, short game
Day 2: 9 holes with instructor, review
           (Provided tee times are available)
Day 3: Short Game, full swing

4:1 student teacher ratio



                    2020 Junior Camp Schedule  (Afternoon)          2020 Advanced Junior Camps (Morning/afternoon)
June          July     August  



June             July                  August               
 8th-12th  6th-10th break     9th - 11th  7th-9th break
15th-19th  13th -17th  10th-14th   16th - 18th  14th - 16th  11th-13th
22nd- 26th    20th-24th    17th - 21st    23rd - 25th 21st-23rd 18th - 20th
29th-3rd       27th - 31st  24th - 28th   30th-2nd 28th-30th

25th - 27th


 To book please dial 843 650 2272 Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm 
Leave a message during non business hours.