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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Do you operate year round?

Yes, we operate 52 weeks a year.

What time are the golf school classes?

9:00am – 12:00pm We ask that you arrive by 8:30 on the first day.

Is there a dress code?

Dress as if playing at a nice golf course. Please no cut offs,
denim or men’s tank tops. If you don’t have golf shoes,
sneakers are fine.

How many students per instructor?

3 at the most. Sometimes 4 for putting and chipping

Do you take brand new players?

Absolutely! We love to teach beginners. If you’re 100% brand new, you may want to hold off playing until you’ve had a few days of instruction, especially during the spring when the courses can be crowded.

Do I need my own clubs?

We suggest you bring your own clubs since you’re used to them and so we can analyze them for you. If you don’t want to bring clubs, we can loan some to you free of charge. If you’re thinking about purchasing clubs, please wait until we can recommend equipment for you. We carry Titleist, Cobra, PING, Taylormade,  Callaway, PXG, Mizuno,Tour Edge / Exotics, BANG and INFINITI. We won’t pressure you to buy from us but please give us a chance to steer you in the right direction. We hate to see people needlessly spend money on the wrong equipment!

Do you group people according to ability and experience?

To an extent, yes. It depends on the size of the class. There are certain apsects of the game that apply to all players but once you start swinging, you’re treated as an individual! We make grouping decisions on the first day as our students are checking in. We also ask if there are students who wish to be grouped together.

How big are your classes?

We prefer not to take more than 15 people in an entire class in which case at least 5 instructors will be assigned.

What is a typical day in the school?

We do have a basic curriculum and schedule that we follow but we always allow for plenty of latitude to stray from our schedule in order to fit each individual’s needs. 99% of the instruction is outdoors in a practical environment. Usually each day is a mix of both short and long shots with a full swing video analysis.

What makes your school better than others?

1.There are many things to consider when choosing a golf school. We believe our school stands out primarily because of the experience and success of the teaching staff and the number of awards they have won. It is our policy that all staff members are PGA Class A professionals, not apprentices. No staff member may lead a class until they have taught here at least a year regardless of how much experience they have. This ensures that all instructors are on the same philosophical page.

2.We’ve been in business longer than anyone else in this area. If you take a close look at other golf schools you'll see many of them change locations often and will even display pictures from facilities where they don't even operate! At SDGA what you see is what you get.

3.If you look at our facilties including our $500,000.00 building, that should be evidence that we are serious about what we do and we’re not another “here today, gone tomorrow” golf school. The fact that we are located at 2 of the most prestigious courses in America should also lend credit to our cause.

4.We are a family owned business who you can trust and feel comfortable doing business with.

What if it rains?

That’s why we built our building! If the weather reallly turns on us, we have 4 covered hitting bays.

Even if we have 12 people in class we can still video everyone and teach putting on our indoor green until the rain lets up. We love having this capability!

I don’t want to practice all morning and then play 18 holes. May I play my golf on days other than when the school takes place?


Will Steve be my teacher?

Steve participates in nearly all the classes that we offer and tries to work to some extent with each individual student. We also meet behind the scenes after class to discuss the particular needs of each student. Sometimes when we’re meeting, we’ll all look at the video of a player together to offer input. Remember, we’ve all been doing this a long time and are not afraid to ask each other for help!

What kind of improvement can I expect?

That’s a tough one to answer. If we turn a 10 handicap player into a 7 that’s a greater percentage improvement than turning a 40 into a 30. Some players go out after the first day and immediately play better while others may need more time to adjust to take it to the course. Most of the time your swing and ball striking improve while you’re here and after a while your scores begin to reflect that.

Are you going to completely rebuild my swing?

We hope not! Again, this is where the experience of our staff gives us an advantage. We recognize that no 2 swings are alike and that each student has his own set of skills and or limitations.

What else should I know?

The days can be long and tiring but also very rewarding. We encourage you to go at a comfortable pace. If you feel tired, sit down and have a cool drink! Your hands may get a little sore. Some people bring a glove for each hand which is a pretty good idea, especially if your hands aren’t “golf tough.” We hope you aren’t afraid to ask lots of questions to get the most out of your experience here. We really do put our hearts and souls into this and nothing pleases us more than to see your game improve!!

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