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Mission GTG

Mission GTG

Mission GTG

Mission GTG

Mission GTG



Welcome to Mission: GTG (Grow the Game) a growth of the game initiative founded by the staff at SDGA designed to bring new golfers to the game by offering group seminars and clinics.......absolutley free of charge!

This is our way of giving back to the game that has been so good to us and to share our knowledge and experience with brand - new players and novices. Our team of PGA Class A professionals has over 150 years of teaching experience so, rest assured, your game will be getting off to a good start!

We are in the beginning phases of this mission and plan to start with a monthly offering on the 3rd Monday of each month from 3:30pm to 5:00pm.

Below is our planned schedule which is subject to change. Depending on demand, we may be adding more clinics.


Monday August 17th 2020 3:30pm   SORRY, THIS EVENT HAS FILLED TO CAPACITY!!!!
Basics of Set Up and Swing Motion

Learn fundamentals like grip, posture, ball position, alignment and the overall motion of the golf swing.


Monday September 21st  2020 3:30pm
Ball Flight Laws: Why the Ball Goes Where it Goes
Learn the 5 ball flight laws. Solid Contact, Angle of Attack, Clubface Angle, Swing Path and Club Head Speed and how each affect how the ball flies. You'll know why some shots fly higher or curve left or right. This knowledge can make it much easier for you to self - diagnose and improve on your own. Don't worry, the terminology isn't nearly as complicated as this may seem!


Monday October 19th  2020 3:30pm
Putting Basics and Assessment

In this clinic you will learn the basics of the putting set up and stroke and then take a 50 putt "assessment"  which you can also practice on your own to chart your progress.


Monday November 16th 2020 3:30pm
Full Swing Hitting Session

Basics of the full swing with a video analysis of your swing complete with voiceover, graphics, stop - action and tour player comparison uploaded to your own student locker on our website!


Monday December 21st 2020 3:30pm
Chipping and Pitching

Learn the skills needed to successfully hit short shots (chips and pitches) from near the green



  • ​Please, only brand - new and very limited experience players
  • Equipment provided free of charge
  • Includes digital copy of "Golf from the Ground Up" by Steve Dresser
  • Participants eligible for discounts on future golf instruction and equipment
  • Our primary intent is for you to have FUN!