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k vest lessons

Communicating how to move with words and your hands is a tall order. Biofeedback is the ultimate communication bridge to playing better golf.

3D swing data is now available to everyone. Previously, this complex, game changing information had only been accessible to those with a deep understanding of biomechanics and the ability to interpret kinematic sequence graphs. The new K-Coach Evaluation tool takes that complex data and translates it into easy-to-understand scores and visuals, so every player can now put the power of 3D to work and say, “now I understand!”

Using K Vest we can.........


  • Speed Creation

  • Consistency

  • Swing characteristics

  • Sequencing

  • Tempo

  • Timing

  • Wrist angles

  • Body Positions

  • Pro to Peer Comparisons


Build Your Personalized Improvement Roadmap:

  • Training programs from over 300 activities

  • Train to Your Best Swing

  • Select from 40 pre-built programs

  • Customize range of motion and difficulty

  • Topics include full swing, short game, bunker play, specialty shots and putting

Use patented biofeedback to train:

  • Setup for every club in the bag

  • Full dynamic motions for every swing

  • Wrist angles

  • Golf training programs

CALL 843 650 2272 to book a K Vest lesson with certified Instructor Mike Rugg. Special introductory rate of $99.00!!!
Offer valid through April, 2019 (Normally $149.00)