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Trackman lessons

The "TrackMan Lesson" is a 2 hour endeavor into the world of high - tech golf which will give you access to data available only through the latest in Launch Monitor technology. All your shots will be tracked via radar (outdoors, not indoors) so you can learn all about your ball flight tendencies such as....

                      SMASH FACTOR      SPIN RATE       LAUNCH ANGLE       CARRY DISTANCE       BALL SPEED

And you'll learn why your shots fly the way they do with golf club data including.....

                               CLUB SPEED     DYNAMIC LOFT     ATTACK ANGLE     CLUB PATH    FACE ANGLE


You'll also get to participate in the famous Trackman Combine; a 60 shot test with various clubs that records target proximity, ball data, club data and identification of strengths and weaknesses all wrapped up in an 11 page report that you can access and download 24 /7 on the Trackman Website. SEE SAMPLE REPORT BELOW

But wait. There's more! You'll also receive approximately 30 minutes of video instruction and data review.
All files and video will be uploaded to My where not only can you access your own data, you'll find many other useful reports for Club and Ball data definitions, PGA Tour averages, and other tools to help you interpret and apply your swing evaluations.

This is a really fun, eye opening valuable lesson that can completely change the way you understand how your golf swing works. Anyone who is serious about their game should take this lesson and challenge!

Call 1 800 397 2678 or 843 650 2272 to book

2 hour Trackman lesson with Combine and Video $199.00

Want to use Trackman yourself? Rental is available for $50.00 per hour. (1 hour minimum)

Trackman Combine Sample.pdf

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