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Online Video Analysis





"Thanks for the fast response and great advice!"
John, Illinois

"Thanks for such a thorough analysis. I've tried this at other places and they only gave me a few minutes.
You gave me 15 minutes and I really appreciate it."

Ed, New Mexico

"You have cured my shanks!"
Albert, Munich

"So nice of you to respond so quickly. You made everything easy to understand and I especially
liked the drills you recommended at the end of the analysis"

Jack, North Carolina


Send Us Your Swings!
Now available on our site, you can send  up to 4 swings to be analyzed for an online lesson.  We'll send you back a personal video review of your swing showing you correct motions, and showing you the areas where we think you may need a little help. 

For Players of All Skill Levels
We offer fast, easy, and personalized swing instruction for all players of all ages. More affordable than face-to-face lessons and more personalized than tips from books or a DVD. We will help you find the proven techniques to improve your production at the plate with the help of State-of-the-Art Analysis.

State-of-the-Art Analysis
Our state-of-the-art JC Video Analysis software allows for slow motion viewing, frame by frame analysis, and side-by-side comparison of your swing along with being compared to what the pro’s do. Top athletes in ALL sports use video analysis to help improve their game and widen their knowledge of what THEY do as an athlete.




Down The Line

Straight On




How Do I Send My Videos?
It's easy!  Simply click the tab at the bottom of this page then you'll be brought back to this page where our Online Lesson form will appear.  It will ask you things about yourself and your golf abilities, then you'll be able to upload up to 4 videos of your golf swing. We prefer you to send two videos from a face-on view, and two videos of a down-the-line view so I can make accurate judgements on your swing.

What Do I Receive Back?
After we review your videos, you'll receive an email with a link to your swing analysis video that contains a username and password to your personal video page.  On that page, you'll be able to view your video, see any additional tips that might apply to you and your swing, download your video, share your analysis video with your friends, send the video to your phone for real-time review on the range, ask me further questions about your lesson, and more!  Also, your video will be 100% viewable on your iPhone or iPad.

                  !!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE TRY TO TRIM YOUR SWING CLIPS TO THE SWING PORTION ONLY!!!!!!!!!!
                                    EACH CLIP SHOULD BE NO LONGER THAN A FEW SECONDS


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